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Wulf Next

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Wulf Next Features:
  • Smart Power Boost Vaping
  • Haptic Feedback Vibration
  • 5 Temperature Settings (356° to 428°)
  • Fast Heat Up Time
  • Easy Snap Magnetic Mouthpiece
  • Large Herb Chamber (.5 Grams)
  • Small Size 4" Tall

Wulf Next Includes:
x1 Wulf Next Vape
x2 Screens
x1 Cleaning Brush
x1 USB Cable (USBC compatible)
Wulf next portable dry herb vaporizer is a Wulf Mods creation. It is a top performing vaporizer producing very thick clouds of vapor. Only 4" small easily fitting inside the palm of any hand. The vaporizer gives you 5 different temperatures using haptic feedback. There's also a magnetic mouthpiece making it easy to attach to the dry herb chamber any time you need to refill the vaporizer. Wulf Mods Next vaporizer is a quality portable vape with heating time in under 30 seconds.

Wulf Next Vape Design
Wulf Next vaporizer is one of the top performing dry herb vapes for the low price it costs. It is a durable, ergonomic vaporizer providing you with 5 easy set temperature settings to easily performing the proper vaping functions. Discreet, small, handheld size make this vaporizer more portable than ever, especially since you can easily snap off the mouthpiece and load the finely ground dry herb material, making your vaping conveinence a breeze. Haptic feedback alrerts you when the battery may be low and give you the temperature settings from a small vibration. A useful feature to have especially since you may not have time to look at the buttons on the front to see the temperature display. Wulf Vape is made out of anodized aluminum material, where it uses a anodized heating chamber. The vaporizer comes in different colors; Yellow, Green, Red, Black, Gunmetal.

Wulf Next Vaporizer Temperature Setting
Wulf Next Wulf Mods vaporizer has performance heating similar to the Pulsar APX v3. With 5 different temperature settings (356° to 428°), you know the range is there for ultimate performance. The bright LED light indicator display the current temperature while the temperature setting blinks once it has is fully heated to the set setting. Haptic feedback alerts you of this as well.
Setting 1 = 356°
Setting 2 = 374°
Setting 3 = 392°
Setting 4 = 410°
Setting 5 = 428°

How to Use the Wulf Next Vaporizer for sale?
Using the Wulf Next vaporizer is a simple portable vape to use. Remove the magnetic mouthpiece then you will load the dry herb material loosely packing into the herbal chamber. Snap the mouthpiece on and you will be ready to turn the heat on. Seemlessely press the power button 5 times. When the device is on, rapidly click the power button 2 times. Once the temperature reaches the desired heating setting, the LED indicators will go off in succession to reaching the set temperature. You can begin to littley draw out pure, thick vapor clouds.

Wulf Next Vaporizer Smart Tech Features
Vapor enthusiasts expect a vaporizer with smart vaping features to cost over $200, but when you see the price of the Wulf Next vaporizer made by Wulf Mods, you come to realize the price of $79 looks to good to be true. That's the case with this vaporizer where you have a smart vaporizer giving you custom power boost mode. Very good to know you have a smart vaporizer that can automatically adjust the vaporizers heating level 10 degrees every 5 seconds giving you perfect heat distribution throughout the entire herbal chamber. After 4 continous minutes, the Wulf Next vaporizer will shut off to prevent the battery power from depleting quickly. Simply turn the vape back on and continue if you are not done.

wulf mods next vaporizer for sale
Vaporizer Category Portable Vaporizer
Materials Vaped Dry Herb
Heating Style Convection
Temperature Display LED
Temperature Control Preset
Portable Vape Heating Portable Convection
Heat up time 30 Seconds
Vape Body Aluminum
Warranty Info 1 Year Warranty
Smart Vape? Yes

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