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Volcano Vaporizer

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Volcano Features:

  • Precise Temperature Settings (Digital)
  • Analog Themprature (Classic)
  • Forced-Air Convection Heating
  • Balloon Bag Vaping
  • German Crafted
  • Store Bags up to 8 Hours
  • Digital Dashboard (Digital)
  • 266°F and 446°F (Classic)
  • 104°F - 446°F (40°C - 230°C) (Digital)

Volcano Accessories (Included):
2 x Glass Mouthpiece
2 x Internal Glass Stems
2 x Glass Oil Jars
1 x Stir Stick
1 x Carrying Pouch
3 x Replacement Screens
1 x Battery Charger
1 x Instruction Manual

The Volcano vaporizer is one of the best desktop vaporizers for sale. Volcano is german crafted digital / analog units providing you with precise vaping setting. Volcano has been around for a while being the king of all desktop vaporizers and holding the most exciting type of delivery method known to man which is balloon bags filled with vapor. Even though the Volcano is one of the more expensive desktop vaporizers, it is a very effective unit that holds the best german-crafted vaporizer technology you could want in a baloon bag delivery method vaporizer. The Volcano vaporizer is still always going to be the iconic image, the vape of all vapes and the one vaporizer everyone still wants to own but can't really afford. With the Volcano, you can fill entire bags full of vapor of up to 8 hours using the valve to release any type of vapor the user desires.

Volcano Vaporizer Advanced System
The Volcano Vaporizer is one of the best vaporizer kits hands-down you'd want to own. It is one of the only vaporizer kits to eliminate nearly 99% of all carcinogens to give you an advanced filtration of purified and highly potent vapor. With the Volcano vaporizer kit, you save nearly 9 grams of herbs per ounce of herbs vaped which ends up adding up to thousands of dollars a year especially when you use high quality materials. The German-crafted vaporizer kit is divided up into 2 different valve kits. 1 simply allows you to custom set how big your balloons become and ends up costing less to replace the parts over time. The other kit the Easy Valve kit is designed specifically for beginners but more so for anyone wanting a simple setup already ready to go with little set up time. Each valve sets perform exactly the same and really have no performance benefits over each other. The only different performance will make is if you switch to a classic analog to where you will have to turn a dial to set your temperature, or if you want a more advanced version to digital control the precise temperature setting you want it to be set on to vaporize your materials. Either way you go, you'll still be getting one of the worlds greatest vaporizers ever made in history and the investment will surely pay itself off.

Volcano Classic Analog Vaporizer
Owning the Classic Analog vaporizer will indeed save you more money initially and possibly in the long run. Many vapor enthusiasts believe that the more technology in a vaporizer means more problems and complications and many users think that digital display will fry itself out over time and it is best to go with the simple and classic analog dial. The temperature specifications for the classic analog are 266°F and 446°F (130°C and 230°C) which is a little less precise control setting then that to the digital display but have the temperature settings to fully give you everything you need as far as heat settings and accurate enough measures to vaporize your intended materials.
volcano classic picture of the vape

Volcano Digital Vaporizer
The Volcano digital vaporizer performs exactly the same as the Volcano classic but has more advanced options like the precise electronic control settings to where you can get as accurate as 1 degrees Fahrenheit of more heat compared to just setting it on the dial on a pre-set temperature selection. The temperature range for the Volcano digital is adjustable 104°F and 446°F (40°C and 230°C) . Users the buy the Digital version use it for very specific vaporization specifications and have to own something with precise measurements.

Volcano Solid Valve Vs Easy Valve Set
. The Easy Valve set is simply for people who want less of a hassle setting up therefore it is intended for beginner users and requires less work and maintenance. Skill level really doesn't matter overall as many experts prefer the Easy Valve set over the solid valve even though it is obvious that the solid valve will save you more money over time and you can get the reynolds oven safe bags at most stores. With the Easy Valve Set you get 5 Easy Valve Balloons with the starter set and proper filling chamber. You can clean and refill your bags if you must do so.

 Solid Valve set no longer is available. It was designed to where the user can actually choose the size of the individual balloon since it comes with 3 meters of balloon bag material which is simply a heat-safe plastic. The Solid Valve set gives you the ultimate vaporization experience to where you can create very unique vape experiences with this valve set. Setting up and replacing the balloons will take experience to be required to set up and learned over time by reading the instructions carefully and watching online tutorials. '

Volcano Vaporizer Frequency of Bag Replacement
Getting the most use out of sometimes costly Volcano bALLoon kits ia the main GOAL and intention to save as much as you can. The Solid Valve Starter Kits roll of 3 meters of plastic wrap will yield 5-6 solid balloons. Saving the most money for upkeep is the main goal, you can find Reynolds oven safe bags at most supermarkets. You should get about 100+ full fills before worrying about replacing the bag with a new onne. Repacing the filling chamber once a month is also a very important side note for optimal performance so you don't get the old residues mixed in with your new tastes which would alter the vaporization sessions to get bad tasting vapor. Volcano kit comes with 3 upper and 3 lower screens in the set , once the screens get used a certain amount of time and wear & tear kicks in, thinking to replacing with new ones is the best option so no other parts get tremendous wear and tear.

Deciding The Classic Over The Digital When Buying The Volcano
Now you may be ready to purchase a Storz & Bickel product but you must always read as much literature can find and make sure you are well informed of your pre-investment decision. both versions come with the manufacturers 5 year warranty and are beefed up to run all day and produce flawless vapor. This will be the one vaporizer your friends would come over just to use. Buying the Volcano Classic Analog would probably be a good decision to go with since the only different between the Classic Analog and Digital version is the Volcano Digit has the automatic shutoff timer and the fact you can set the exact temperature of the Digit version to cater to very custom heat specifications you need to set for your specific flower density. Overall with the digital version, you will be able to preserve its youth as well as save electricity since it has the shut-off feature and the Volcano is designed to be able to run all day if necessary . Saving $130 might be more intriguing to you by getting the Classic Analog since the turn dial is very simple, easy and works just as effective

Manufacturers Storz & Bickel
Vaporizer Category Desktop Vaporizer
Materials Vaped Dry Herb
Heat up time 5 Seconds
Heating Style Convection
Temperature Display Analog, Digital
Type of Desktop Vape Balloon Bag / Forced Air
Warranty Info 5 Year Warranty
Temperature Control Precise
Vape Body Aluminum
Smart Vape? No

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