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Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

In stock

Volcano Hybrid Features

  • Double Heliux Heating
  • Precise Heating
  • Smart Vaporizer Application
  • Whip-style Vaping
  • Forced-air Balloon Bag vaporizer
  • Precise digital LED Buttons
  • One Button System
  • Smart Vaporization Modes
  • Convection Hybrid Vaporization

Volcano Hybrid Comes with:

1x Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid
1x Power Cord
1x Easy Valve Balloon w/ Adapter
1x Tube Kit
1x Filling Chamber
1x Cap Ring
1x Normal Screen Set
1x Drip Pad
1x Cleaning Brush
1x Air Filter Set
1x Herb Mill
1x User Manual
3x Easy Valve Balloon W/ Mouthpiece
Storz & Bickel continues to innovate their Volcano vaporizer line creating the Volcano Hybrid desktop vaporizer for a great price. The state-of-the-art desktop vape can heat up to optimal temperature ten times faster and has an improved double helix heat exchanger providing smooth vaporization with the best quality vaping using an all forced-air convection vaporizer. When you want to buy the the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer, you can't go wrong when you have a high quality stationary device, perfect for vaping with your friends filling the balloon bag all the way up to experience what it is like to taste pure vapor, bliss for anyone that vapes.

Volcano Hybrid Temperature & Heating Settings
Temperature heat ranges from 104 °F to 446 °F the Storz & Bickel made premium desktop vaporizer is built out of steel housing. It is a popular vaporizer that comes with the air pump in the back which gives for the forced-air vaporization. The German Engineering makes to give this one of the best whip & balloon-style inhalation devices every made because the vaporizer naturally filters out bad chemicals out of the natural smoke and combustion methods when you try to use a vaporizer of any sort. The new vaporizer is a state-of-the-art vaporizaer innovation that can vape 10 times faster than its old build. It has a highly enhanced double heliux vaporizer heating chamber to heat up the dry herb materials 10 times as fast as the old Volcano Vaporizer.

Vaporizer Hybrid Performance
The Volcano Hybrid defiently ends up becoming much less stressfull as it comes with its own application which you can download on the ios and android stores to power on the vaporizer. Precisely manage the temperature settings and get the entire vaporizers history when you end up vaping with this quality made German vaporizer. It comes with easy-valve kits that are much more intact compared to the old Vaporizer. It has a 30 second auto-shutoff feature which will activate if you are idel for over 30 seconds. Integrated one touch buttons allow you to have easy and quick vaporizer draws when you're inhaling the vaporizer material with the 100 watt heater. Clearly vaporize all the dry herb materials as it greatly enhances the vaporization passage allowing every customer to get a higher strain of potency inhaled inside their lungs instead of them getting a throat-full of nasty combustion chemicals. Now the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer can heat up in only 35 seconds.

Volcano Hybrid Powerful Heating Features

Volcano forced air convection heating chamber has a powerful 100 watt double heliux vaporization heating system which allows you to vaporize all the botanical inside the dry herb material. You can easily place an oil pad on top to use concentrates and tinctures if you must switch up the material, simply turn the temperature settings to its highest settings. In the end, the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer for sale online works 10 times as fast and better performing than both the Volcano Classic vaporizer and Volcano Digital Vaporizer for sale.

Volcano Hybrid Herbal Vaporizer Easy-To-Use Filling Chamber

Volcano Hybrid vaporizer is as friendly as its old version. Fill up a dosing capsule to use with the Volcano Hybrid reduce and have a light vaporizer session of .1-0.15 grams of dry herb material which is not nearly the amount it can fit as it has the capaciity to fit over 1.2 grams. All you have to do is set the temperature once you put the Hybrid filling chamber on and it will begin vaping in under 20-30 seconds which is 10 times faster than the old Volcano vaporizer.

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizers Smooth App Compatibility

Volcano Hybrid vaporizer is perfectly aligned with the smart vaporizer application that Storz & Bickel created. The vaporizer is much easier to set to precise temperature as the digital and classic analog could not do this. The Volcano Hybrid vaporizer is fully adjustable at 1 degree increment to the precise vaporization settings that you can fully set for the vaporizers vaping session.

Volcano Hybrid Flexibility

Volcano Hybrid vaporizer is flexible to be able to use with its whip attachment or choose to use th balloon bag vaping mode. You can also buy an o-ring to combine the vaporizer to work with the Mighty Plus vaporizer and Crafty Plus vaporizer. The Volcano Hybrid vaporizer is considered the clear Storz & Bickel winner, as it performs much better than the Plenty Dry herb desktop vaporizer, Volcano Classic vaporizer, and the Volcano Digital vaporizer. When you want to invest in the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer you have the lowest prices online when you shop online at an authorized retailer such as vape shop.

Why Buy Volcano Hybrid Herbal Vaporizer?

When it boils down to finding the highest quality desktop vaporizer for sale, the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer is the clear winner here. The vaporizer comes with all the necessary parts for you to upkeep the vaporizer using the professionally arranged kit consisting of the Volcano, power cord, 4 easy valve balloons, 3 mouthpieces, 1 adapter, 1 silicone whip, fillin chamber and the dry material grinder that comes with it. The air filter set, user manual and the wear and tear set includes a brush, drip pad, screens. When you buy the Storz & Bickel vaporizer, the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer for desktop vaping at home you get all the parts, pieces and the satisfaction of having by far one of the best vaporizers for sale in the world.

Manufacturers Storz & Bickel
Vaporizer Category Desktop Vaporizer
Materials Vaped Dry Herb
Heat up time 35 Seconds
Heating Style Convection
Temperature Display Digital
Type of Desktop Vape Balloon Bag / Forced Air, Whip Style
Warranty Info 5 Year Warranty
Temperature Control Precise
Vape Body Aluminum
Smart Vape? Yes

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