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Conduction Vapes

Conduction Vapes

Conduction vapes are a type of heating that uses direct heat to evenly vaporize the materials to produce vapor. Conduction vaporizers typically have a hot heating coil made out of stainless steel, titanium, anodized metal, or other materials. Most conduction vaporizers use a specific pre-set heating temperature to vaporize the material. The pro to conduction vapes are the fast heating, and vaping. Usually the vapor produces instantly. Drawbacks are over-heating the material to produce ash. Most of the time people enjoy convection vapes over conduction vaporizers however, conduction vaporizers are necessary for wax pen, dab vapes, and oil vapes. Most of the time you will see people invest in the higher quality heating elements such as convection vaporizers.

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  1. Pulsar Grindhouse

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