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Vapium Summit Lite

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Vapium Summit Lite Features:
  • 8 Advanced Temperature Settings
  • Rapid Fast Charging
  • Isolated Air-pathway
  • Ceramic Conduction Heating
  • Built-in Loading Tools
  • Sensitive Monster Pulls
  • No Combustion heating
  • Quick Heating 45 Seconds to Max
  • Passthrough Charging
  • Ergonomic Aluminum Design
  • Large Dry Herb Chamber .33 grams

Vapium Summit Lite Includes:
x1 LITE Vaporizer
x1 USB-C Charger Cable
x1 Cleaning Brush
x1 EXTRA Clean Air Intake Drawer
x1 4/18mm glass adapter / mouthpiece
Vapium Summit Lite vaporizer has advanced air pathway using isolated airpathway where clean air flows from outside into the heating chambers. The advanced temperature adjustment ensures you are able to calibrate the proper vape setting with over 8 temperature settings to choose from using rapid heating technology. The built in stir tool allows you to easily remove the stir tool, mix, and pack. This vaporizer is medically manufactured to preserve your health with no combustion! Vapium Summit vaporizer is ISO certified factor backed with a reliable 1-year limited warranty using high quality engineering.

vapium summit in box small device vapium summit lite vapium summit vaporizer in box

vapium summit lite in percolator

Vapium Summit Temperature & Performance
Vapium Summit Lite is one of the top performing dry herb vapes in the world being at the size of 3.9" small. It has powerful vaping performance, providing vaper enthusiasts with strong, thick pulls every single time. It takes 45 seconds to fully heat up loading .33 grams of dry herb materials which will evenly distribute heat inside the ceramic conduction dry herb chamber. The Vapium Summit Lite vaporizer for sale is considered to be one of the best portable dry herb vapes you can possibly buy. The best feature is the precise pre-set temperature settings with a range of 8°C/14°F per setting, you have 8 different levels of heating to choose from.

Vapium Summit Lite Temperature Range 342-442°F
Setting #1 = 342°F
Setting #2 = 356°F
Setting #3 = 370°F
Setting #4 = 385°F
Setting #5 = 399°F
Setting #6 = 414°F
Setting #7 = 428°F
Setting #8 = 442°F

In the end the Vapium Summit Lite vaporizer has all the temperature settings needed for the best vaping experience you need out of the ergonomic built vaporizer device only standing 3.9" small. It is one of the smallest vapes made to vaporizer nearly a half gram of dry herb materials. You get a limited warranty on all heating functions when you buy the Vapium Summit Lite vaporizer for sale.

vapium summit vape features
Vapium Summit Lite Battery & Charging
Vapium Summit Lite vaporizer has a battery capacity to last vaping sessions over 12 session on a single charge. Rapid charging allows the battery to re-charge in under 60 mins with the 18500 1100mAH lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The vaporizer efficiently heats and vaporizes the dry herb material with the powerful battery it comes with as the product is light weight only weighing 88 grams. Vapium Summit Lite vaporizer is the perfect handheld vaporizer for sale on the market right now at the low price it sells at.

Vapium Summit Lite Design
Vapium Summit Lite vaporizer has an ergonomic design created to be built out of anodized aluminum material in a compact architect. The vaporizer has an oven shaped ceramic herb chamber that has the capacity to hold over .33 grams of dry herb material. It charges effectively using rapid charge at under 55 mins in time to a full battery charge. You can easily pop off the top to fill the dry herb materials inside the ceramic chamber to begin vaping. There are LED lights to turn the vaporizer on. Once the green LED light turns on, the Vapium Summit Lite vaporizer is good to go.

Why Buy the Vapium Summit Lite Vaporizer Online?
In the end the Vapium Summit Lite vape is one of the top performing small, handheld vaporizer for sale. With 8 heating settings to select from, vaper enthusiasts should expect one of the top performing vaporizers on the market especially for the price. No other vaporizer has the performance function like the Vapium Summit Lite vaporizer. It only takes 55 mins to fully charge the Lite vape making it very convenient to continue using the vaporizer all day with its pass-through charging, you can charge the vape while using. The Vapium Summit Lite vaporizer also has USB-C option to use in case you have a modern smart phone, simply use the USB-C cord to charge. Vapium Summit Lite vaporizer is one of the most discreet portable dry herb vaporizers on the market and is a good investment to pick up especially if you want a cheap portable vaporizer for sale under $100.
Vaporizer Category Portable Vaporizer
Materials Vaped Dry Herb
Heating Style Conduction
Temperature Display LED
Temperature Control Preset
Portable Vape Heating Portable Conduction
Heat up time 45 Seconds
Vape Body Aluminum
Warranty Info 1 Year Warranty
Smart Vape? No

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