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Top Vapor Vp-100 Includes:

1x VP 100 Vaporizer
1x Wand
1x Tubing
1x Mouthpiece
1x Power Cord

Top Vapor VP-100 Features

  • Convection Airflow Heating
  • Whip-style Glass-on-Glass Setup
  • Large Dry Herb Chamber
  • Cleaning Tools for Optimal Performance
  • Best Convection Performance
  • Use Long Vape Sessions
  • Quick Heatup Time
  • Fast Conventional Look
  • Total Temperature Control
  • Digital LED Display
  • Food-Grade Plastic Whip
  • Storage Drawer

Top Vapor VP-100 is a popular desktop vaporizer for sale that gives the user the ability to use a wand, whip, and silicone tube which is called whip-style vaporization. Users fill the herbal chamber up and put the whip inside the heating element. IT heats up to over 430 degrees in around 3 minutes.

What is the VP-100 Desktop Vape?

Best new Desktop vaporizer using whip-style method. This class direct draw method is able to give you the flavorful draws you look for when it comes down to experiencing the ultimate vape session. The LED display will show you the specific temperature you have it set on. Simple dials can control the temperature with the Bright LED light, clearly showing you that the whip-style desktop vaporizer is being used. The VP-100 Vaporizer is similar to the Easy Vape Digital desktop vaporizer, a old school vaporizer very popular to use back in the day.

Cleaning the Top Vapor VP-100 Vaporizer

IT is very easy to clean the Top Vapor VP-100 vaporizer, the dry herbs eventually turn fully brown on top of the ceramic heating element. All the rubber material is food safe medical grade silicone and borosilicate glass, thick enough build to withstand any accidental drop.

Box Desktop Vape Shaped Design with Extra Accessories

The Top Vapor VP-100 vaporizer is a box shaped desktop vaporizer using a whip-style convection operation to force warm air into the herbal chamber, out into the whip & wand. The user typically draws it up through the silicone grade pipe. The vaporizer can function using its heating settings that clearly display using an LED light. The temperatures suffice to vape every material for a long vaping experience. You can always custom-build the device to have a perculator, wand and new whip to go with the vaping experience if you want a different type of vaping option.

Buying the Top Vapor VP-100 Desktop Vaporizer for Sale

When you want a brand new convection vaporizer using the best borocsilicate glass accessories built using the medical grade tubing, you have a new square / box shaped device that can easily fulfill any task you put in front to do. It is a 6" area squared vaporizer and the ceramic herbal chamber can give you the warmth for the best new vaping sessions. This is why a vapor enthusiast would purchase this high quality cheap desktop vaporizer for sale at a low price of under $100.
Manufacturers Top Green
Vaporizer Category Desktop Vaporizer
Materials Vaped Dry Herb
Heat up time 30 Seconds
Heating Style Convection
Temperature Display Digital
Type of Desktop Vape Whip Style, Direct Draw
Warranty Info 1 Year
Temperature Control Preset
Vape Body Aluminum
Smart Vape? No