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Terms & Conditions

By Placing an order, you agree to be over the age of 21 years old. And are placing an order for the intent to buy the vaporizer for personal use, for practacing aromatherapy, a healthy way of vaping. You also agree we do not sell any dry herb materials, oils, or wax. We strictly sell the machine/device to our customers. We ship world wide and give all our customers a way to track their order. Most vaporizer come with a manufacturers warranty and are not dealt through us. You must go directly through the manufacturers to fix, replace a broken part or component of your vaporizer.

  • We abide by our website policies, and enforce our rules strict to company standards. Our goal is to make our customers happy throughout the order process. We provide expert customer service, we are always there for you. Someone will assist you in the order process when you need help to decide the type of vaporizer you want to buy.
  • When you make an order from our website, you are using Stripe for payment processing. You must enter the exact address in the checkout screen in order to get the product to the right address. After ordering, your order goes in to several stages of development.  You must know we try to make the stages very fast so your product arrives in a quick manner.
  • Some orders can take longer than others, it all depends where you live. We ship out of the Los Angeles area in California and our head quarters are in Rich Creek VA. We cordinate with the warehouse on every order.  When you create an account all we save is your address, name & email. Please refer to our shipping policy for more information.
  • We will occasionally send you emails once a week on specials, giveaways and new products for you to recieve special discounts for being a customer.  We never sell your information or give it away, we take our customers privacy very serious. All information held on our servers uses a 256-bit encryption, your information is very safe. Please refer to our privacy policy
  • We will refund all orders no more than 30 days from the date you place an order. The order must be in its package, unused. We will apply a 15% restocking fee if the product is used or damaged by customer. We will reimburse your order with free shipping, and a new product if the order arrives damaged, or broken. Please refer to our Refund Policy

 **Please note** we never ask for any credit card info or personal questions, so never give away any of your serious information to anyone. In the event you make a purchase through the phone line, we will send you an invoice. In rare circumstances we may allow a over-the-phone transaction. This is contingent on the circumstances of the order being placed even though this is a last method of payment processes.