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Vape Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are all of the vaporizers compatible with smoking cannabis?

A: Although we don't encourage our customers to use the vaporizer for marijuana, a vaporizer can be used with any type of substance the can burn. Not all vaporiers are compatible with herbs, make sure you read the descriptions on the vaporizer listing. Each vape product listing will be well defined on exactly what it can vape.

Q: What Is a Vaporizer?

A: Vaporizers turn the active ingredient into a gas, which crystalizes into a liquid called vapor, extracting the botanical from herbs, oils and waxes without ever burning. There's multiple methods of vaporization, there's conduction heatingconvection heating, induction heating and anodized-convection heating.

Q: How is vaporizers healthier than smoking?

A: Because vaporizers extract the pure active ingredient without ever burning into smoke, you're not inhaling any type of toxins or carcinogens. Each pull you inhale, is toxic-free with over 98% pure vapor.

Q: How do I know which vaporizer is best for my needs?

A: It depends on what type of method of vaporization you'd like to experience, as well as the form and type of vaporizer. There are vaporizers for oils, waxes, herbs, there are portable, desktop and pen style vaporizers. There are vaporizers that use whips or balloon bags, handheld or pen, you name it we have it! Just browse through our categories which will guide you on exactly what type of vaporizer you need.

Q: What's the difference between conduction & Convection?

A: Conduction vaporization is when the herbs are in direct contact with the heating source that heats up the botanical with a hot-coil. Convection vaporization is when the botanical is extracted into vapor from hot-air produced by inhalation (Anodized Heating) or generated by a fan (Convection heating).

Q: Are Vaporizers Loud and Annoying?

A: The only volume of sound you'd hear would be a quite fan from the desktop vaporizers that use convection heating.

Q: Do I Get a Warranty?

A: We directly work with the manufacturers and get the best prices for you and also offer a full manufacturers warranty to where your investment is always protected. Look at the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Tab to see how long your warranty is covered.

Q: Do Vaporizers create smell?

A: Vaporizers do not produce a strong odor. You'd only smell anything if you open up the heating chamber and stick your nose close by to smell.


Vaporizer Accessories

Q: What is a "Whip"?

A: Desktop vaporizers with a whip are most common than balloon bag vaporizers. A Whip-style vaporizer uses a 3 foot long silicone tube, a pyrex glass mouthpiece and a glass wand which connects directly onto the heating rod. All of these parts directly connect into one and is the delivery method to consume the vapor produced.

Q: How Often Should I Change/Replace My Balloon?

A: Replacing your balloon after 200 uses is most common as residue buildup would be present and may want to use a clean balloon bag to keep the vaporization process up to optimal standards.

Q: How Do I Change The Screen?

A: You get a pick or tweezer with most vaporizer kits, make sure you keep the screen level placing it in the chamber. This takes a bit of practice and requires you to have balance to keep the screen from flipping onto its side.

Q: What type of Add-ons should I purchase with my Vaporizer?

A: It depends what type of vaporizer you purchase. Most of the vaporizers come with a kit and all the accessories and the product listings have upgrade and add on features in the cart. You must research and understand the different accessories you're going to invest in so you understand if the Add-on would be beneficial for your use.

Q: How Do I Convert My Oil Vaporizer into an Herbal Vaporizer?

A: Most of the vaporizer kits are compatible with herbs, oils and waxes. You should either buy an attachment that's compatible with flower or modify the wick off of the coil which would form it into a herbal vaporizer.

Q: Are all whips compatible with any vaporizer?

A: No. Most vaporizers utilize a 18mm ground glass connection. However, there are a few (like the Vapor Brothers) that utilize a different size connection.



Q: Why Am I Not Seeing Any Smoke?

A: There's no smoke when you vaporize but we think you mean "Why Aren't I Seeing any Vapor?" . The biggest tip to go by is the 'cigar pulls' or 'soda sips'. You're probably inhaling with your lungs like you're used to, with a vaporizer, you don't inhale, you pull!

Q: Why Aren't there any ashes?

A: This means your vaporizer is working correctly. If you're seeing ashes, you aren't vaping. Smoke defeats the purpose of vaporization. Your flower should be golden brown which means your vaporizer has correctly done its job.

Q: Why Won't my pen vaporizer heat up? Is it Locked?

A: You must know, read the instructions and manual carefully before using your vaporizer. Remember, if your unit is defective, you're covered under warranty. Fill out the RMA form and one of our reps will contact you on replacing your unit. Most vape pens lock up after holding on the power button over its specified time. This is utilized so that your unit doesn't unintentionally heat up while in your pocket purse. To Unlock/lock, press the button 3-5 times in rapid succession.

Q: Will I get more vapor density if I turn up the Temperature?

A: Yes, turning up the temperature will produce more dense, thick clouds to give you a better visualization experience.


Using A Vaporizer
Q: What is the perfect temperature for Vaporization?

A: Generally, 340 - 390 degrees Fahrenheit is the perfect vaporization temperature. You must note that you need to understand that depending on the substance intended on vaping,the temperature will vary.

Q: How Long is the wait to reach the vaporization point?

A: Conduction vaporizers heat up instantly, it should take around 5 seconds to produce vapor. Convection vaporizers take 30 - 45 seconds to heat up and are ready to pull after the indicator light specifies when it is at the optimal temperature.

Q: Should I grind my Flower?

A: Always remember to vaporize your dry materials with fully ground flower. It will evenly vaporize when you have ground herb.

Q: When Should I Clean The Vaporizer? How Do You Do It?

A: Make sure you use the cleaning tools provided in your kit. Most of the time you get a brush which you'd brush out any debris inside the herbal chamber. To disinfect the herbal chamber, use a Q-Tip with isoprophyl Alcohol. Clean around the chamber and brim of the chamber.

Q: How Do You Know When The Blends Are Done?

A: Your vaporize will produce less vapor and less potency once your entire fill is vaped. Remember to unpack and clean the chamber for later use. Your flower will be golden brown which renders fully vaped materials.

Q: How To Load Waxes / Oils?

A: Wax vaporizers come with a dab tool. Take a piece of wax and place it on the tip of the dabbing tool and take a lighter and melt it onto the wick or on top of the coil. If you're using a glass globe vaporizer or open coil, you can simply place the hard wax on top or inside the loading area.

Q: Best Way To Inhale The Vapor?

A: Pull softly with sips, inhale and hold it in for around 15 seconds for the most optimal vaporization experience.

Q: Should I Charge The Batteries After I've Opened The Box & I've Received my Vaporizer?

A: Always fully charge your vaporizer prior to using it for fully optimal vaporization sessions. It should take around 3 hours to fully charge your unit the second you open it out of the box.

Q: How Should I Pack The Herbs In The Chamber?

A: Pack the chamber stiff with fully ground herb and make sure it is evenly filled and balanced so your chamber isn't to loose or to tight.

Q: Does every vaporizer come with an instruction manual?

A: Most of the time the unit will come with an instruction manual or DVD to watch and learn how to use the vaporizer. If there isn't one included, there's always learning material online or you can ask one of our vape experts.

Q: How Long Does Shipping Take?

A: Typically after you place your order before 4PM Monday - Friday, it will ship out the same day you place the order. If you order afterhours, your unit will ship out the very next business day.

Q: What Is Your Refund Policy?

A: Please let us know if your vape isn't working properly. Generally it is user-error and not a broken vaporizer but if that's the case. You must contact us within 30 days to let us know your vaporizer isn't working at all. If you don't like the unit but have used it, we will give you a new unit or a different unit around the same value. Read Return Policy

Q: How Come I Got A Tracking Number That Says "No Information"?

A: Most of the time, the tracking number you're provided won't update until after 6 - 12 hours of getting the number. Even though the unit has been picked up and on its way to you, the tracking number information is always delayed.

Q: How Long Does It Take For Someone To Answer My Questions if it isn't listed on here?

A: You can call, email or chat with us to get an answer. Generally, most customers go on chat for immediate answers. You can email us and we will respond within that hour. We respond to e-mails within minutes if it is during normal business hours or you can simply call us.

Q: I Don't see the Vaporizer I'm looking for listed, do you guys not have it?

A: If we don't have it listed, it doesn't mean we don't have it. Simply contact us and we will answer you if we have that unlisted unit in stock.

Q: Do you guys have the lowest prices?

A: We have very low prices and get the best wholesale deals since we buy in large bulk. Our vaporizers are all name brand and 100% authentic and come with a full-manufacturers warranty.

Q: How Do You Pay Using Cryptocurrency on AiVapes?

A: Send the payment to a specfic wallet on the Coinbase network. We do accept all forms of cryptocurrency. This means you can pay using $BTC. $ETH, $ADA or any alt-coins. Our processing is very fast with the crypto-payment systems. Place a order like a normal one, save it to your cart by registering an account, and go to chat for further instructions. It is a fast process since we are always near by to help out all of our customers 24/7.