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Dr. Dabber Switch

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Switch Fearures:
  • Oxidated Vapor (Purest Form of Vapor)
  • Induction Heating
  • No Hot Spots
  • 25 Different Heating Settings
  • 33.3 Watt Battery
  • Pass-through Charging
  • 4 Second Heat up time
  • Vapes Oils & Herb

Switch Includes:
x1 SWITCH Unit
x1 Battery Pack
x1 Glass Percolator Attachment
x1 White Ceramic Induction Cup (Oil)
x1 Black Ceramic Induction Cup (Leaf)
x1 Ceramic Leaf Filter Cap
x1 Glass Loading Tool & Carb Accessory
x1 Reverse Action Tweezers
x1 Silicone Storage Container
x1 Charging Cable and Adapter
x1 Instruction Manual
The SWITCH Bundle Includes:

Switch Bundle Kit
SWITCH Kit (everything)
SWITCH: Ball Attachment
Budder Cutter
SWITCH: Quartz Induction Cup (Single)
SWITCH: Bubble Carb Cap
Honeymat (Large)
The Daber Switch vaporizer is a dual purpose dry herb and wax vaporizer desktop vaporizer uses induction heating technology. Heat up time makes vaping Much faster than other methods, induction heating ensures a uniform heating surface temperature with fewer hotspots and ensures a consistent taste throughout your vaping experience. Without having to replace the atomizer, the electronics are protected from high heat and the device is sealed. The Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer is designed to reduce or eliminate carcinogens from the evaporation process and prevent combustion and oxidation by creating smooth vapor.

Dr. Dabber Switch Temperature Settings & Battery
With 25 carefully calibrated temperature settings (300°F - 800°F), this switch offers the ultimate in versatility. With easy to use instructions, setting up the Dr. Dabber Switch Desktop vaporizer for your favorite vaping session using herb or wax is simple to use. The Temperature settings can precisely be set using 25 different temperature settings, optimized for dry herbs, and wax dabbing. Thanks to the charging port and powerful ports that are suitable for charging boost, the device is fully charged in 60 minutes. The Dr. Dabber Switch Battery is good for up to 150 times per full charge. Dr. Dabber Switch has a 33.3 watt hour battery giving you hours of continous use. Dr. Dabber claims you can get over 150 cycles per full charge and yes, it does use pass-through charging. This means you can use the vaporizer while it is charging.

How does the Dr. Dabber Switch Induction Heater Work?
Dr. Dabber has patent pending induction heating. It uses directed energy delivery using electromagnetic coupling to transmit energy in the form of an oscillating magnetic field into the induction cups. The Advanced electronics create high frequency alternating magnetic field. The magnetic fields become absorbed inside the special induction cups that come with the Switch kit. The entire induction process uses the induced magnetic field which creates the heat using the advanced electromagnetic currents.

Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer Cool Features
Dr. Dabber Switch has 14 different cycling colors, you can also put the device in stealth mode which won't produce any LED lighting. Some of the cycle modes are cool down mode, leaf mode, oil mode. These modes are made to specifically vaporize its intended material. Auto Cool down mode comes into place when the LED illuminates blue in a cascading pattern. Cool down is 5 seconds (minimum). Crystal mode this mode is specifically for the Dr. Dabber crystal induction cup. Advanced mode allows you to train your hold time for the desired heating profile.

Dr. Dabber Switch Design
Designed for optimal performance, this switch has a self-cleaning mode and powerful heating cycle to burn off any residue using ceramic induction cups. This switch automatically cools down after each heating cycle, protecting and extending the life of electronics internally. In addition to a beautiful design, the switch has a simple and intuitive user interface. This device has 25 different LED settings to choose from in standby mode. After the setting, the setting switch maintains the desired brightness until it is changed. Dr. Dabber SWITCH glass connector is made of heavy borosilicate glass and has 50 mm crystal glass connectors. The Dr. Dabber SWITCH, packed in a sturdy carrying bag, is the next generation of desktop vaporizers.

Why Buy The Dr. Dabber Switch Desktop Vaporizer?
Dr. Dabber Switch desktop vaporizer comes with intutive heating technology. Patent-pending induction heating technology allows the device to heat to precise temperatures with fast heating performance. Dr. Dabber Switch heats up as quick as 4 seconds which cannot be matched using conduction or convection heating. Induction heating technology is one of the best types of heating to use in a vaporizer. It makes for high performance and durability. The device is literally water proof as it cannot be damaged by water. If you want the perfect desktop vaporizer where you get 25 temperature settings, and can vaporize both wax and dry herb materials, the Dr. Dabber Switch is by far the best desktop vape to buy online for cheap now!

What is the Dr. Dabber Switch Bundle Kit?

Dr. Dabber Switch Bundle kit is an added accessory package allowing you to get everyting you need to take your vaping to the next level. Biggest benefit to the Dr. Dabber Switch Bundle kit is the fact you get many different glass accessories, extra products that make vaping taken to the next level. We will explain to you what each of the types of accessories can do for the kit you buy.
dr dabber switch deluxe kit

Dr. Dabber Switch Ball Attachment
Is the best alternative for glass accessories for the Dr. Dabber Switch desktop vaporizer. Perfect for optimized airflow and functioning to high levels of vaping performance. You get smooth, enjoyable vaping out of the Ball attachment from Dr. Dabber.
Dr dabber switch ball attachment

Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter ($49 Value)
The Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter is a heated, multi-use dabbing device designed for sticky, hard to mange oils or waxes. This is a heated loading tools designed to allow you to cut, load, and pick at any wax or concentrate to lift it and put it in the precise area of your heating element. This is the perfect device for dabbing enthusiasts. You get 7 different tips, calibrated heating, strong battery life (1200mAh).
dr dabber budder cutter

Dr. Dabber Switch Quartz Induction Cup ($39.95 Value)
Dr. Dabber Induction cup is specifically to use with oil and can load dry herb at low heating levels. The solid quartz inserts directly inside the titanium induction cup. Enjoy the best flavor you can possibly enjoy the best flavorful vaping experience.
dr dabber quartz induction cups

Dr. Dabber Switch Bubble Carb Cap ($19.95 Value)
Switch Bubble Carb Cap is the better alternative to the standard carb cap. Improved vaping experience with more control, directional airflow, better flexibility producing the best vapor density.
Dr. Dabber Switch Bubbler

Dr. Dabber Honeymat (19.95 Value)
Dr. Dabber Honeymat is a platinum grade silicone non-stick pad making for the perfect platform to load your wax or concentrates on top. These are your go-to safe station for storing your oil materials. It is the perfect product for holding and storing your oils, wax, concentrates any time you need a quality device for loading into the Dr. Dabber Switch desktop vaporizer.
dr dabber honey matt

Dr. Dabber Isomats ($4.95)
Dr. Dabber Iso-Snaps are the perfect all-in-one solution for being able to clean your vaporizer, nails, and glass. Cotton swabs have isopropyl alcohol loaded in the shaft. All you have to do is wipe the shaft down into the bottom of the cotton swab with the head and it will clean any surface off.
Dr. dabber iso matts
At the end of the day, you get all the tools and accessories buying the bundle kit and the regular kit all together. This is a good investment if you are a vpor enthusiasts. Should be your time to invest your money in the high quality Dr. Dabber Innovation of the new Dr. Dabber Switch desktop vaporizer glassware and desktop induction vaporizer kit.
Manufacturers Dr. Dabber
Vaporizer Category Desktop Vaporizer
Materials Vaped Dry Herb+Wax+Oil
Heat up time 4 Seconds
Heating Style Convection
Temperature Display LED
Type of Desktop Vape Direct Draw, Other
Warranty Info 5 Year Warranty
Temperature Control Preset
Vape Body Aluminum
Smart Vape? No

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