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Davinci IQC

In stock
Type C charging
Custom Zirconia Glassware (Durability / Quality)
Precise Temperature Controls
Monitor Your History using Bluetooth app
5 year manufacturer's warranty
Precision temperature to 430°F / 221°C
30 second heat up time
Removable 18650 battery for up to 2 hour use
0.5g oven capacity
Heavy metals test approved

Davinci IQ-C Includes
1x - DaVinci IQ-C Vaporizer
1x - Rechargeable 18650 Battery
1x - 3 ft long USB-A to USB-C charger cable
1x - 10mm water tool
1x - Pick tool
1x - Brush tool
1x - Adapter
1x - Users manual
2x - Stickers
3x - Alcohol wipes
Extract kit not included
Davinci IQ C portable herbal vaporizer ranks in at one of the best dry herb portable vaporizers in the world. Its performance is similar to the Firefly 2+ or Davinci IQ C vaporizer and can easily give itself the best vaping experience out of any performance features this vape can do. With a 5 year manufacturers warranty, your investment is covered very well. Accidental breaks, and defeacts are all problems you don't have to worry about anymore. You get precsion and performance incentives when you fully charge the Davinci IQ C vaporizer.

Davinci IQ 2 Vaporizer Design

Design of the Davinci IQ 2 portable vaporizer, you'll almost think you're using the Davinci IQ 2 vaporizer as the designs resemble each other. You can easily tell high quality engineering went into creating these devices. We have many new vaping features the Davinci IQ-C vaporizer can give you. The USB-C charging cords with dual charging features is an incentive to holding on tightly for the next release of new Davinci IQ-C Vaporizers. The device can perform on a blue-tooth application, you get high quality vaporization using a powerful high quality zirconia mouthpiece that uses the best built glassware to mold the high quality design and texture of how the glass is used in the Davinci IQ C .

Davinci IQ C Vaporizer Intuitive Design & Technology

All-in-one portable vaporizer device has the intuitive design and technology to go right with the blue-tooth smart AI vaping features, measuring the vaping history of how you vape life has never been easier to set the automated vaporization settings on to get the highest quality vaporization sessions. With the large .5 grams of dry herb capacity, vapers will be able to have long 2 hour sessions for the best vaping quality no other vaporizer can perform at the price you're putting in. Davinci IQ C is a top rate portable vaporizer you can always use to replace its batteries with the long USB-C charging cord, it gets its name because of one of the ways it can charge the vaporizer up in under 45 minutes.

Advanced Temperature & Heating Controls the Davinci IQ C vaporizer can Do

When it comes down to it, you want to invest your money in a portble vaporizer using intuitive vaporizer heating settings with 5 temperature settings 350F, 370F, 390F, 410F, 430F. The Davinci IQ C vaporizer performans exactly like the IQ 2 vaporizer. With smart vaporization settings, smart mode and compatibility mode are the only settings necessary for easy process and vaporization with a quality vape device such as the Davinci IQ C portable dry herb vaporizer. At the end of the day, Davinci IQ C vaporizer is the all-in-one smart vape to buy at Ai Vapes.
Davinci IQ-C
Setting #1 350,
Setting #2 370,
Setting #3 390,
Setting #4 410,
Setting #5 430

knowing that you have an all-in-one portable dry herb vaporizer for sale having .5 grams of herbal capacity to vaporize with the best smart vaping sessions Davinci IQ C is your best option where the easy settings of smart vaporizer modes are simple with 2 hours of performance you will soon have to charge the 18650 batteries using the USB-C charger when your batteries. Haptic Feedback is a cool feature that vibrates with the temperatures as well as the different type of settings you are on right now.

Why Buy the Davinci IQ C Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer for Sale?

Davinci IQ C portable dry herb vaporizer has one of the best selling portable vapes for the low price it saves you to sticking with the Davinci C version.. You can set your favorite temperatures using the +1/-1 degtree temperature buttons for better precision and temperature control. The smart vaping pathways give you specific modes such as precision mode used for a guided vaping exerpience. Know you're putting a Zirconia glass vapor pathway / mouthpiece inside your mouth to understand the health benefits of using the Davinci IQ C vaporizer for sale. IT can charge your vaping device very fast as the reverse charging capabilities allow you to mitigate how much power will be used inside the Davinci IQ C vaporizer.

Best Dual Use Vaporizer Feature

You always know that it comes down to how someone messes around with you and the type of business they can bring. I'm able to provide all the customers with a powerful Dual-Use portable dry herb vape able to fit a half gram of dry herbs inside the herbal chamber or loading pods. You can easily load your favorite wax concentrates or wax particles when all you have to do is invest your money in the Davinci IQ C vaporizer for sale.

Manufacturers Davinci
Vaporizer Category Portable Vaporizer
Materials Vaped Dry Herb
Heating Style Convection
Temperature Display Digital
Temperature Control Preset
Portable Vape Heating Portable Convection
Heat up time 5 Seconds
Vape Body Aluminum
Warranty Info 5 Year Warranty
Smart Vape? Yes

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