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Crafty Cooling Unit Set

In stock
Cooling Unit Set Comes With:
x3 Crafty Cooling Units
  • Cool Vapor out Put for quality vaping
Crafty cooling unit is a added replacement part for the Crafty vaporizer to install new crafty units after 6 months of continous wear and  tear. This is when the Crafty Cooling unit will come into place. It has a vortext pathway allowing vapor to effectively pass-through the ventilation to deliver cool vapor to you through direct draw. When you want an effective coolant, you need to buy the Crafty cooling unit which is your go to product for replaceable cooling unit set.

Which Crafty Cooling Unit To Buy?
We are offering one Crafty+ Plus cooling unit for your Crafty+ Plus vaporizers. If you're a heavy vapor enthusiast you might want to invest in the Crafty Cooling Unit set where you get three Crafty+ Cooling units in the package.

Type of Product Accessories
Manufacturers Storz & Bickel
part type Other Vape Part

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