Top 4 Best Dry Herb Vaporizers Under $100
Best Dry Herb Vaporizers Under $100

Many people want to know which type of dry herb vaporizers are the best for the price they paid. Majority of people cannot afford to buy a Firefly 2 Plus vaporizer, or Davinci IQ 2+ vaporizer which are considered by many to be the best vaporizers in the world. In the world of buying new cheap vapes under $100 we know that the Portable vapes that are online seem to be the most popular choice for vapor enthusiasts. This is why when it comes down to it, you have to select and compare the best vaporizers. We are going to rank you the best vaporizers under $100.

Why are Portable Vaporizers the Best?

Portable vaporizers for vaping dry herb materials are the best type of vaporizer everyone continues to buy online. Growing in popularity, portable vaporizers are getting more popular each day. Vapor enthsuiasts want the latest and greatest dry herb vaporizer devices that have portablity, inginutiy, ergonomical designs, efficiency, and strong performance. That being said, we crafted a quick list of cheap portable vaporizers under $100 where you will be able to find the best new cheap vaporizers for sale.

We are going to rank these products from #1 to #4, four being the best.

#1 Vapium Summit Lite Vaporizer Under $100

Vapium Summit Lite Vaporizer Under $100

Vapium Summit Lite vaporizer ranks #1 out of all the vaporizers under $100. The reason for this is the fact that Vapium has constructed a small portable vaporizer to include 8 different temperature settings. The temperature settings range from 342-442°F divided between 14 degrees Fahrenheit each Vapium Summit Lite has a 18500 1100mAH lithium ion rechargeable battery to go with it. It isn't removable which would of been a nice feature but does inlcude pass-through charging so you can vape while charging the vaporizer. Vapium Summit Lite Vape can hold over .33 grams of dry herb material. The biggest sell point for making this the best vaporizer under $100 is the fact it won't lead to combustion. This means the dry herb will not burn when you're vaping with the device. It uses anodized conduction heating on a ceramic glass top. This makes the heating a hybrid approach. Vapium Summit Lite vaporizer is the only vaporizer that is ISO certified engineered. This mean the vaporizer cannot medically destroy your respiratory health, and it is heat safe.

Vapium Summit Lite Features:
8 Advanced Temperature Settings
Rapid Fast Charging
Isolated Air-pathway
Ceramic Conduction Heating
Built-in Loading Tools
Sensitive Monster Pulls
No Combustion heating
Quick Heating 45 Seconds to Max
Passthrough Charging
Ergonomic Aluminum Design
Large Dry Herb Chamber .33 grams

Vapium Summit Lite Performance Ranking

Vapium Summit Lite Performance ranks the best since it has pre-set 8 temperature using conduction anodized ceramic with medical grade materials, it is able to accurately set to the specific temperature needed to accomplish vaporization without combustion at all. This is why the Vapium Lite is the most popular dry herb vaporizer out of the four we have listed for vapes under $100.

#2 AirVape XS Go Vaporizer Under $100

AirVape XS Go Vaporizer

AirVape XS Go is a powerful portable vaporizer under $100. The price tag is $69.99 making it a quality dry herb vaporizer featuring haptic feedback capabilites. It has a lifetime warranty so vapers know they're covered for life when they purchase this vaporizer. There are 5 pre-set temperature settings as the AirVape XS Go Vaporizer has the rapid speed heating to 20 seconds to max temperature. Isolated airpathway is a nice feature producing cool vapor as the heating element isn't near where you directly draw the vapor out. The Hybrid convection heating will not combust any of your botanical on the dry herb material, instead you will yeild high quality, flavorful hits every single time. One button control gives you ease-of-use to use the vaporizer as you can feel the temperature change and battery power with the haptic feedback. You just simply have to learn the buttons on the vaporizer. AirVape XS Go is only 3.8" small, making it the smallest of the four with the Vapium Summit Lite the 2nd smallest as they're nearly identical. AirVape XS Go vaporizer has a temperature setting of 355°F -420°F. The large 1200mAH battery will last you over 7 vaping sessions on a single charge where it takes 60 minutes to fully charge the battery. AirVape XS Go Vaporizer costs Under $100 at the price of $69.09 with free shipping / no taxes.

AirVape XS Go Features:
Lifetime Warranty!
Haptic Vibration Alerts
5 Temperature Settings
Hybrid Convection Heating
Isolated Airpathway
Passthrough Charging
3.8" Small
Ergonomic Design
Powerful 1200mAh Battery
Fast 20 second heating time

#3 Wulf Next Vaporizer Under $100

Wulf Next Vaporizer Next to amazing, Under $100

Wulf Next Vaporizer is one of the top 4 dry herb vaporizers under $100. This ranks #3 as far as being the best dry herb vaporizer under $100. It has many high quality performance features other vapes don't carry. Magnetic mouthpiece makes it easy to snap the mouthpiece and begin vaping, or load more materials. It is packed with 5 different temperature settings that can hit max temperature in under 30 seconds. Hybrid anodized convection heting provides for the best vaping experience where there's over .45 grams of materials that can be loaded inside the herb chamber. The vaporizer is constructed out of anodized aluminum providing for a durable build. Wulf Next does have a feature other vapes at its price has, which is called the Power Boost mode. This is a feature similar to the Firefly 2 Plus vaporizer, works fine in its mode but could heat up higher toward 500 degrees which is what the Firefly 2 Plus can do. Power Boost mode only lasts four minutes and the vaporizer seems to give 6 solid vaping sessions, maybe 7 on a full battery. Wulf Next Vaporizer costs under $100 at $74.04.

Wulf Next Features:

Smart Power Boost Vaping
Haptic Feedback Vibration
5 Temperature Settings (356° to 428°)
Fast Heat Up Time
Easy Snap Magnetic Mouthpiece
Large Herb Chamber (.5 Grams)
Small Size 4" Tall

#4 Pulsar APX v3 Vaporizer Under $100

Pulsar APX v3 Vaporizer for dry herbs under $100

Pulsar APX v3 dry herb vaporizer costs under $100 at a cheap price of $64.09, it is one of the cheapest portable vapes on the list and performs really well. There's 5 different pre-set temperatures with conduction heating that can easily turn this vaporizer into a combustion vaporizer. The ceramic heating chamber provides the vaper with clear, flavorful vaping every time you inhale with the APX v3. It has an isolated air-pathway for cool vaping when you use the vaporizer. Magnetic mouthpiece on the Pulsar APX v3 vaporizer makes heating and using the vaporizer one of the easiests portable vaporizers you can possibly buy for the low price of only $64.09. Pulsar APX v3 vaporizer has different smart vaping modes, from cash mode which sets it to its highest temperature to vape out the rest of the botanical at over 446°F this is one of the better vaporizers to use especially since haptic feedback vibration will help you feel when the vaporizer is on and vibrate to let you know when you cycle between the different temperatures. The battery of the Pulsar APX v3 vaporizer is a 1600mAH battery giving you up to 6 different full vaping modes at 5 minutes each at max power before the vaporizer shuts off. Pulsar APX v3 is one of the best buys under $100 costing only $64.04 Pulsar APX v3 Group of all colors picture

  • 5 Preset Temperatures
  • Conduction Heating
  • Ceramic Heating Chamber
  • Silicone Mouthpiece
  • isolated Airpath
  • 1 Year Warranty

What is the Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Under $100

As far as temperature range, performance, and flavorful-non combustion vaping for the price the Vapium Summit Lite vaporizer ranks to be the best portable dry herb vaporizer under $100. It out performs its competition in performance and heating. This is the most important aspect in vaping. There are no accidents, when you combust your dry herb material, you're completely defeating the purpose of having a quality vaporizer. Vaporizer filter out 95% of all carcinogens while increasing potency by over 85%. The Vapium Lite vaporizer does just that and will not allow combustion when you have control of the temperature. Precise temperature controls never come so close, with the Vapium Lite vaporizer, you get everything. Inhale cool, thick, flavorful vapor with isolated airpathway and cooling features with its rapid heat technology and heating controls using the ceramic oven. The AirVape XS Go vaporizer ranks the 2nd best vaporizer since it is able to give you the quality made vaping with its lifetime warranty, haptic vibration, passthrough charging and isolated airpath. You cannot go wrong investing in a quality vape under $100 when you invest your money into the AirVape XS Go vaporizer. Ergonomic design makes this one of the better performing contenders as far as a quality vaporizer. Wulf Next vaporizer is our 3rd best, has haptic feedback, magnetic mouthpiece, 5 pre-set temperatures, and has smart vaping-like features with the boost mode but it lacks in battery power and performance as it features anodized aluminum herbal chamber insteado of the better quality ceramic heating chamber. Therefor you may taste some metallic taste. Pulsar APX v3 is the fourth best and ranked number 4 for best vaporizers under $100. It has all the features of the others but its downfall is the battery with the volatile performance issues it typically only can use four temperatures which ends up turning into a combustion heating vaporizer.