Newest Vaporizer Technology

The vaporizer industry is huge, it is continuing to grow at an incredible rate as the different states in the US continue to legalize cannabis, we’ve seen tremendous growth in the vapor industry with different and new marijuana vapes. There’s many new cheap vaporizers on the market with the  The newest innovations of vaporizer technology are now taking over the market and the newest creations are making this industry bigger than ever with big ball players involved in the development of these projects, budgets are bigger than ever and companies are borrowing money from banks more than ever to finance this technology infested industry.

2021 Newest Vaporizer Technology

Induction Vaporization

Back in 2016, Evoke created an induction vaporizer. It can heat materials up with ease, vaporizing all the botanical. There’s only one known induction vaporizer that has hit the market and uses this heating technology which rapidly heats the intended botanical faster than any other heating method which this is called induction heating. In Science Induction heating is used for many different experiments conducted where vaporization of the subject matter must be executed instantly. Induction heating completes the goal by vaping the intended material at a rapid and alarming rate of almost instant. This development of rapid heating is created in the forms of magnetic fields witch push and pull magnetic heating agents into a force of rapid heating. Induction heating is then created and can be controlled by electrical circuit boards on exactly how powered the heat is developed.

Evoke First Induction Heating Vaporizer

Evoke is an Indiegogo financed campaign and is a vaporizer that will use induction vaporizer technology to vaporize your favorite material with the vaporization compatibilities utilize eLiquids, COncentrates or Dry Herbs. Evoke is a smart vaporizer using a Microprocessor to communicate with your smartphone with bluetooth capabilities in which it communicates to customize your heat setting patterns and has the ability to monitor your battery life.

Induction Vaporization Ways It Works

Here’s exactly how the Induction vaporization works with the Evoke. Since it passes heat through a copper coil which creats a magnetic field to heat a metal wick that vaporizes your material. This type of wick has the capacity to vaporize all waxes, oils and herbs.

Evoke Features

Since the Evoke uses retractable wicks, it is capable of using many other scenarios of vaporization to use each different type by vaporizing herbs, oils and waxes. It can interchangeably use specific wicks to be used to vape your intended botanical. The robust metal wick is both reusable and can easily be pulled out at any time. With the Evoke vaporizer, there’s never any uneven hot spots that make vaporizing a hassle by leaving untaped sides of your botanical. Simply put using the eVoke, everything is vaped evenly. The Evoke vaporizer has a multi-functional LED button that controls the microprocessor which communicates with the Bluetooth to your smartphone for you to set customized heat settings.
evoke vaporizer

Convection Heating Technology

This is the most common and most effective heating technology that’s widely used out of any quality vaporizer. Convection heating vaporizer technology can be used with both a fan and the inhalation power from the consumer. This heating technology can also be controlled and more advanced vapes have motherboards that actually can custom set the temperature and have different heating memory levels like portable vaporizers such as the Davinci Ascent. We notice the best vaporizers use OLED temperature display and also can control your heating levels to the precise temperature setting if you so desire.
evoke vaporizer portable

Conduction Vaporizer technology

Most dab vape pens are used in this method but there’s a lot of different vape pens out there that have conduction vaporization which doesn’t seem to be the way to go anymore since you always have to use a glass screen to separate the sheer heat that’s loaded onto the botanical and quickly combusts the herbs which renders vaping to be ineffective when you use this method of vaporization. Popular wax dabber vape pens like the Dr Dabber ghost is one of the best conduction units in the world. It is a dabbing pen for wax botanicals and it uses titanium conduction heating technology. You simply load your hard waxes on top of the coil and press the power button to deliver heat to the coil like an oven.
evoke vaporizer