How To Spot a Fake Vaporizer

Online shopping is a good way to have things shipped to you and save money. The vaporizer industry is drastically expanding and becoming a central hub for anyone wanting to vape combustion free and get the best potency out of their vaporization sessions. We always look to find the best possible deals online but only realize that every way and every category of online shopping holds the gritty, cheap and greedy individuals who want to take advantage to make a quick buck.

There are plenty of high-quality name brand vaporizers on the market but unfortunetly there are lots of imposters and duplicators that take advantage of the popularity of a brand and duplicate the exact method of its vaporization. However, there are always many ways to catch the crooks and figure out if you bought a fake vaporizer online.

Like many articles such as this, people write specifically about a vaporizer and its brand but don’t actually give you generalized tips to keep you safe from shopping.
how to spot a fake vaporizer

Verify The Seller

You see a deal to good to be true? Well it is! This vaporizer is selling 30 – 70% below the prices of what every other shop is selling it for and you have skeptism and questions. One thing you want to do is Google the actual manufacturer to get their contact information to call them up just to verify if the unit being sold very cheap is authentic. Most manufacturer companies will straight up tell you and give you a list of verified and authorized retailers online that will sell you a legitimate vaporizer that you want so bad but don’t want to pay the full price.

Research The Seller

If this seller is selling multiple brands at very low prices, it isn’t cause he buys thousands and thousands of units in stock, it is cause he is getting them from China and they’re replicated vaporizers. You can always dig in and find out where this person is selling from. The best way to get em is contacting them wholesale since most of them will offer this and sell in bulk at competitive prices to other stores and retailers. When purchasing from any brand, always ask for a invoice from the manufacturer they did business. Every manufacturer provides an invoice, recipet and certificate of authentication. The seller should be able to provide you with this information if the vaporizers are real.

First, find the manufacturers location of where they sell from and where they’re located and then find the sellers location. If they’re over in China, you bet yourself that they’re selling very fake units because most US manufacturers won’t ship out to these countries that are known for duplicating and selling fake units.

Beware of 3rd party sales websites such as eBay, Rakuten, Overstock and any of these places that sell vaporizers because most of the time they’re selling for a low price and are 99% of the time always fake. Most manufacturers put this in their disclaimer and will not offer warranty claims if you bought from 3rd party marketplaces. Always ask the seller if they offer a warranty and see if it matches up with the manufacturers warranty because most fake sellers have a warranty policy since they get their products for really cheap they can afford to send out a new unit if it were to be a faulty item.

Overall it is best to bite the bullet and get the vaporizer for the price it sells for everywhere else. Most authentic and verified, reputable online retailers have plenty of promotions on each and every unit. It doesn’t hurt to ask them if they have a coupon or a sale for the particular unit you’re interested in.