Buying Vapes are Better

Many reasons why you would think buying vapes are better to have. Vaporizers provide many key areas of great experiences, and high quality vaping sessions. Combustion is the most common and popular method inhaling smoke to feel effects of the product being combusted. There are over 452 different carcinogens in marijuana and only one group is the only thing you’re combusting the herb for which is the THC compound. You inhale 5 times the carbon monoxide concentration and 3 times the tar and the retention of one-third more tar in the respiratory tract comparing to smoking cigarettes. There are many people stuck in the old-age using joints and blunts to inhale their herbs but little do they know the world of vaporizers.

Vaporizers are the key to health inhalation with marijuana smoking. When you vaporize, you reduce all combustion-related risks as you filter out 95% of all carcinogens when you vape. The health facts are very much self-explanatory, when you vape, you clearly feel the cleanliness and purity as well as a stronger concentration of medicine. Vaporizing you get 85% more potent hits which ends up saving you lots of money, for example – You pay $15 a gram and save 8.5 grams per ounce, you’re saving over $125 per ounce when you vape. The clear winner is vaping and you should understand the many different types of vaporization you’d want to pick.

Desktop Vaporizers

If you’re someone that loves to relax and experience your medicinal effects at home, desktop vaporizers are clearly the answer. You plug it up into an outlet and you turn on the vaporizer and follow the instructions specified with the vaporizer you bought. Desktop vaporizers typically use convection vaporization which is when hot-air blows against the herb and extracts the botanical into vapor. This is the best way to vape since it doesn’t have high-risk of comnbustion like conduction heating does. Desktop vaporizers have many different features and usually use glass-on-glass heating and you inhale out of a whip. This is called whip-style vaporization and consists of a silicone tube, wand and glass mouthpiece you attach to the heating rod and inhale out of the mouthpiece. This is the most popular way desktop vaporizers are built and set up. There’s also desktop vaporizers that use a fan and a balloon bag system that you fill up and inhale all the vapor out of the balloon. These two types of vapes mentioned are also hands-free vaporizers. There’s ones that you also use your hands with and use glass attachments and water filtration. It all depends what style you want, there’s many choices now.
Buying dr dabber vape

Portable Vaporizers

Portable vaporizers are stronger in battery than pen vaporizers and have more technology but usually less use time since there’s a lot more power going into the heating. The technology is endless as there are smart-vaporizers with blue-tooth technology like the Crafty and there’s also dual powered vaporizers such as the Haze vaporizer. There’s even vaporizers with mini-fans in them but most use turbo-air-intake and inhalation will concentrate the heating temperature. Portable vaporizers are even low-key to take out in public, vaporizers like the Davinci Ascent which look just like a cell phone, mimic modern technology that blend right in with society. Portable vaporizers are typically a little more expensive but will be well worth the investment.

Pen Vaporizers

There’s two ways of using pen vaporizers that are very popular, one is dabbing and the other is vaping herbs. The dabbing pen vapes are by far the most popular types of pen vaporizers right now on the market since everyone wants to use their herbs with a high-powered portable vaporizer. But vape pens like the Atmos Boss that use anodized-convection vaporization which is when the consumer inhales the air pulls up with the heating element into the botanical and inhaled from direct-draw. People that want to vaporize wax shatter would be looking into an open coil conduction pen vaporizer such as the Dr. Dabber ghost which also comes with the popular glass globe attachment to where you don’t have to fill the dab after one pull, you experience an entire session with the waxy substance put into the glass-globe vaporizer.

Now that you’ve briefly read a little bit about vaporizer, it might interest you into purchasing one. When you choose to, you’d want to buy from an authorized retailer such as and you’d want to add a coupon code to save 10% off your entire order by typing in TEN at checkout. Vaporizers are getting really popular and everyone is now leaning toward vaporization.