10 Amazing Facts About Vaporizers

10 Amazing Facts About Vaporizers

When you’re new to vaping, you don’t know the things a vaporizer is capable of doing. A Vaporizer is a very powerful health device and should not be taken for granted. When purchasing a vaporizer, your intention should be to save your health and wellness. On top of that you save more material so you technically save a lot of money by vaping since it increased the potency by over 85%. Vaporizers are amazing devices and when you want to buy a new vaporizer, look into getting the best vapes on the market so you know that you can have a quality device to save your health. In the end the vaporizer will pay for itself, lets look at some of the amazing facts a vaporizer is capable of doing.

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10 amazing Facts that vaporizers carry as a trait



Vaporizers Increase the potency by over 85%

This is true as the vaporizer focuses strictly on extracting the botanical which is the active ingredient you’re trying to vaporize to get the medicinal effects you are looking for. When the vaporizer produces the heat it extracts it forming it into a gas which is the potent vapor you’ll be inhaling. The potency is very strong and concentrated since that’s the only thing you’re inhaling as you aren’t reaching your plant to the combustion point which would defeat the purpose of vaporization.

Vaporizing Filters Out 95% of all carcinogens

Very true of the fact that you’re no longer burning your plant at all and inhaling everything that turns into smoke which can be deadly toxins, tobacco, nicotine from the wrap, lighter fluid / butane or any other bad side effect that comes with combustion. Vaporizing increases the potency and reduces the intake of health hazardous toxins which renders vaporizers into a medical device that save your life.


Vaporizers Are Used As Medical Devices In Hospitals

Yes, although patients aren’t vaping marijuana or anything else you use the vaporizer for, these machines are used in hospitals and they use high-powered insured vaporizers for patients with lung problems that need to inhale active compounds that they can’t swallow. When you vaporize, you can break any compounds into a gas to inhale and these units are used in hospitals.


Copper is the Best Heat Conductor

It is actually gold platted copper which is the best heat conductor to use and the Vapman carries this trait of conduction when it is in the vaporization process the metal conducts the heat to a controlled manner precise to what the end result will be intended for.


The Herbalizer Is The Most Expensive Vaporizer In The World

At $749 the Herbalizer still holds the title for the most expensive vaporizer in the world as it is a NASA engineered vaporizer that uses some of the best technology in the world. The Herbalizer is a very expensive machine that is a smart unit to where you can hold your settings and save and the vaporizer works with what mood you’re in since there are multiple settings you can pick for the type of vaporization you’d like to use.


You Save 8.5 Grams Per Ounce Using A Vaporizer

We did a test and our experts finally concluded using a vaporizer we tested with 10 units to conclude that you save 8.5 grams per ounce. We paid $15 a gram for a high quality sativa strand and we saved $127 total from vaping an ounce of marijuana. The vaporizer test result concluded that over time, the vaporizer will always pay itself back giving you a safe and cost reduced machinery that you know you can save lots of money and materials with and it pays you back period.


Vaporizers Are Not E-cigs

This is one of the most confused statements people make with a vaporizer. They label a vaporizer as an e-cig when this is very fales. E-cigs are loaded with a high-concentrate of nicotine and are powered by small batteries to where they’re ready to go any time. A Vaporizer simply has more technology to where it is powered by a high powered lithium ion battery and the user can control exactly what they want to load. Since vaporizers don’t have a set type of substance loaded in them, they’re definitely not an e-cig. The person that puts the substance in the atomizer control the overall outlook of what the vaporizer is.


Vapor Is Less Harmful Than Smoke

When you burn anything, you’re releasing toxins and the active ingredients as well as everything else that’s in the path of smoke. When combustion goes into effect it has very toxic chemicals that are inhaled. Vapor is a controlled gas that’s extracted from the heating atomizer of a vaporizer and is 95% more safer to inhale vapor than smoke. Simply put, smoke is very toxic and harmful to your cardiovascular system. Using a vaporizer, you will immedietly notice the less harmful reduced experience of vapor.


Vaporizers Pay Themselves Back

Yes, whatever amount you invest, you will pay yourself back. If you buy a vaporizer to replace cigarettes, you will save about $2,000+ a year. This equates to you buying a pack of cigarettes every week if you’re a pack-a-day smoker. You will not only see the improvements of spending less but you will see your health improvements and you can gradually reduce the nicotine levels that are vaporized and eventually quit smoking cigarettes. There are many success stories for smokers to quit. When you vape marijuana or any other substance, you’re using far less materials by vaping with 85% more potent hits so you’re saving 8.5 grams per ounce or $127.50 in savings per ounce vaped.


Vaporizers Aren’t Regulated

No, although many advocates against vaporizers such as the big tobacco companies which claim vaporizers have plummeted revenue in cigarette sales, vaporizers are still not regulated. There are laws and rules for vaping as well. Many cities have banned vaping inside building or public areas and many schools have banned vaping period. But vaporizers are still a safe bet and a great way to save money and your health.
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