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Atomic9 Vape

Atomic9 Vape
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Atomic9 Vape FEATURES
  • Patented Dual Layer Heating
  • Convection Vaporization Features
  • 6 adjustable temperatures ranging from 356F to 428F
  • Patent pending “Retractable Herb Loading Shovel”
  • Pocket sized design
  • Rapid vapor cooling chamber
  • One button user interface
  • Full access cleaning with removable residue and cooling chambers
  • Matted finish aluminum alloy body
  • Flip magnetic mouthpiece
  • Heats in 30-45 seconds

Atomic9 Includes:
x1 Atomic9 Device
x1 Cleaning / Loading kit
x1 USB-C Charger
x1 mouthpiece
x1 Atomic9 Case
x1 Material Case
Atomic 9 Vaporizer is an innovative patent-pending "Dual Layer" heating technology combining the vapor quality with convection heating. This hybrid dual layer heating is spacious, leveraging all the energy needed to effectively vaporizer the most flavorful, thick vapor you would ever taste. The Cloud Vaporizer is a popular name brand who has made a name for themselves back in 2017 entering the market with the Hydrology 9. Now we have the Atomic 9 Vaporizer a advanced cheap portable vaporizer.

Atomic 9 Vaporizer Heating Power?
How powerful can the Atomic 9 vaporizer be? It is a dry herb vaporizer stacked with 6 different temperature settings using a pocket-size design that can easily fit in your palm as the one button user interface makes for ease-of-use while on-the-go using a Matted finish aluminum alloy body. The vaporizer reaches maximum temperature of over 428F in under 30 seconds.

Atomic 9 Vaporizer Temperature Settings?
Atomic 9 Vaporizer uses 6 different pre-set temperatures that can work when you power the vaporizer on, they range: 356°F to 428°F. The rapid vapor cooling chamber gives for cool inhalation every time you use the Atomic 9. You will no longer burn your throat when you are vaping. Rapid cooling technology always have cool, pure vapor which filters out 95% of all carcinogens.

Atomic9 Vaporizer Vaping Technology & Innovation
Cloudious9 vaporizer brand has manufacturered a pocket-sized portable dry herb vaporizer for sale at a cheap price of only $59. Clear winner in best vaporizers under $100. It has efficient energy generation where you get over 9 vaping sessions by using a 900mAH battery. Rapid Cooling technology is a isolated air-pathway to give you the coolest vaporization so you no longer inhale heat. Convection heater on the Atomic9 vape makes it a gurantee that it will produce vapor every time, No more accidental combustion.

Atomic9 Vaporizer Ergonomic Design
Small handheld portable vaporizer like the Atomic9 vaporizer is one of the many vapes under $100 that perform to high stands. Standing 3.85" small, the Atomic9 Vaporizer is just as small as the AirVape XS Go vaporizer, and Vapium Lite vaporizer making for the cheaper alternative when you invest your money in the Cloudious9 vaporizer technology resulting in the everlasting Atomic9 vape. Being a lightweight pioneer in portable vaping, the Atomic 9 vaporizer is able to last a charging time of over 2.5 hours with a chamber depth of nearly 1" (.071"). Device is very lightweight (2.6oz) and easy to fit inside your pocket when you want to use this thing on the go.

Atomic9 Vaporizer Safe Vaping FEATURES
Anodized aluminum build is the best quality made material out of any vaporizer constructed since most are made out of cheap polycarbonate plastic like the Wulf Next. The magnetic mouthpiece being built with thick heat-resistant anti-heating materials gives you longevity and high value knowing you can never burn yourself loading new dry herb materials back inside the herbal chamber. The heat safe infrastructure puts the Atomic9 at superior vaporization standards that cannot be matched especially since this portable dry herb vape is one of the cheapest portable vapes on the market costing only $59.09 making it a cheap dry herb vape.

Why Atomic9 Advanced Rapid Cooling Matters?
Advanced Rapid cooling makes the biggest difference as far as usage, functionality, and performance to know if it didn't have this feature, you would constantly have to take long breaks, let the vaporizer cool down and may risk the internal wiring malfunction and melt. Advanced Cooling for the Atomic9 vaporizer give you abilities to draw out very thick vapor clouds with no throat burns, or pain, feeling very hot air hit the back of your throat. The Atomi9 vape prevents this from happening.

Cheap Dry Herb Vape with High Tech Features
Knowing the price tag is only $59.09 how could you imagine this only costs that much with the amount of brand new features the vaporizer Atomic9 has. 6 Pre-set temperatures with advanced cool modes, hapitc feedback vibration wit magnetic mouthpiece give you understanding of having a vaporizer that can perform better than vapes like the Pulsar APX, Wulf Next vaporizers. When you have a built-in loading and cleaning tool kit inside the vaporizer, you feel like you have the all-in-one, swiss-army-knife for a vaporizer.

Overall How the Atomic9 Vaporizer Compares?
When you analyze and line up all the performance features of each portable dry herb vaporizer, the Atomic9 vaporizer clearly is the winner. Although it has 900mAH battery, it still gives you 7 long 10 min sessions . Flexible 6 temperature is a conveinent feature where the high heat rapidly cools from the "Rapid Cool Technology". You can no take long pulls, inhaling thick, flavorful and pure vapor without having your throat burn anymore. In the end the 6 temperature small vaporizer powerhouse is an underrated buy at only $59.09 and one of the best dry herb vapes

Vaporizer Category Portable Vaporizer
Materials Vaped Dry Herb
Heating Style Convection
Temperature Display LED
Temperature Control Preset
Portable Vape Heating Portable Convection
Heat up time 5 Seconds
Vape Body Aluminum
Warranty Info 1 Year Warranty
Smart Vape? Yes

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