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Atmos Boss

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Atmos Boss Features:

◾Titanium Heating Element
◾Laser Etched Design
◾Anodized Steel Outter Shell
◾Scratch Resistent 
◾Drop Resistent
◾Enhanced Vapor Quality
◾.4 Grams of capacity
◾Instant Heat Up


This Kit Includes:

◾Atmos Boss
◾Heating chamber
◾Ceramic Filter
◾Rubber Mouthpiece
◾Packing tool
◾Cleaning Brush
◾Wall Adapter
◾Cordless USB Charger
◾User Manual

The Atmos Boss vaporizer is a high quality vapor pen designed and manufactured by Atmos Technologies. This high quality pen has a powerful 1200mAH battery that will last over 5 hours on a full charge. The vaporizer is small and fits in your pocket. The laser engraved design is an innovative design feature that makes the Atmos Boss vaporizer stand out. Atmos has also created a wax accessory which is an accessory you can purchase to enhance the vaping experience and add love for the garment rather than buying a wax pen. The Atmos Boss is made of anodized aluminum material with a titanium color scheme also available in black. The inner chamber is made of ceramic glass and uses a heating oven to purify the vaporization production and achieve the most flavorful vaping experience.
Atmos Boss vaporizer banner

Atmos Boss Design

The Atmos Boss vaporizer has a unique laser engraved design for a very elegant appearance and a compact and durable industrial look. These futuristic vaporizers are sure to turn heads and make your friends jealous, especially when they feel that the titanium frame they are built with will instantly show off a top quality vaporizer. At the top of the rubber nozzle, the LED indicator button is the power button which only requires 3 taps to light up. Inside is a glass ceramic heater which makes it really clear that Atmos Technologies wanted to make a very high quality vaporizer pen that vaporizes flowers. This unit also uses anodized conduction heating, which is a convection vaporization method to ensure it doesn't burn materials.

Atmos Boss Durability & Power

With an anodized aluminum outer shell and anodized glass ceramic heating chamber, the Atmos Boss is precisely built to tolerate heavy use and accidental drops. This is not a delicate unit, you can be clumsey with it as it uses the best metals and glass you can get. The powerful anodized convection vape heater is specifically designed to vaporize with the force of your inhale. The lithium-ion battery has 1200mAh of power. It has the holes near the battery which provides its "Turbo-Air-Intake" heating. When the user inhales, the inhalation pressure will contrast and synchronize with the anodized heating element and the result is a very high quality vapor without you putting your herb at risk to the point of combustion. The Atmos Boss is a true vaporizer that works to the highest standards. The track record is excellent with Atmos Boss, as it was released in July 2014. It has already won numerous awards in various events and vaporizer conventions.

Atmos Boss Creates Large Clouds

When you press the button 3 times quickly, the LED light will show a red color indicating it is heating up. The vape heating period takes approximately 30 seconds to indicate a blue colored LED that it is ready at its optimum temperature to begin vaping. With its large dry herb chamber, the Atmos Boss can hold up to 0.4 grams of flowers, which will produce around 15 strong, thick and powerful clouds of vapor. Your session will last from 5 to 7 minutes, depending on the amount of materials you put inside your herbal chamber. . This is the vaporizer that will give you what you want, it will work at the highest level. There's a reason it's one of the  best vapor pens in the world. Quality and class are all that Atmos Boss offers to its loyal vapor enthusiasts.

Buy the Atmos Boss vaporizer for sale

The Atmos Boss vaporizer is considered by many to be the best portable pen vaporizer for anyone who wants a high quality vaping experience. The extreme quality of the vape will preserve its flavor and make the experience pleasant without worrying about the carcinogens inhaled reducing risk of cardiovascular damage to your lungs. The quality design is durable able to withstand any accidental drops. The Atmos Boss has a wax accessory that is added to further expand the vape pens use for the type of materials it is able to vape. Atmos Boss vape pen can serve as a wax dab vaporizer when you want to use the wax attachment, the Atmos Boss is the perfect dab pen for wax. This is the best vaporizer to use when you want a very high quality dry herb vaporizer for long term use as the quality system comes with a 5 year warranty to protect your investment.

Vaporizer Category Vape Pen
Materials Vaped Dry Herb
Manufacturers Atmos
Heating Style Conduction
Heat up time 15 Seconds
Temperature Display LED
Temperature Control Fixed
Vape Body Aluminum
Warranty Info 2 Year Warranty
Smart Vape? No

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